Parental Control FAQ

How do I know if my child is visiting inappropriate websites?
Watch your child's behavior when you approach them when using the computer. Nervous glances and hurried keypresses could indicate deception and guilt. Use adult material detection tools to find materials saved to the hard drive, search Google for 'detect pornography'. These can reveal the presence of pornographic material. You can monitor your child's internet activity with a monitoring tool, for these products do a search on Google with the phrase 'internet monitor'.

What do I do if I find them viewing pornography?
Move the household computer into a common use area where the child cannot reasonably expect to avoid being spotted. This greatly discourages the accessing of pornographic items when there is a strong danger of being discovered by other family members. Talk to the child about the problems associated with viewing this material, and lay down clear guidelines about the rules of the household. Make it clear that there will be no tolerance of inappropriate activity. Make the children read, understand and sign a list of rules that they have to follow regarding use of the computer, and punish non compliance with removal of computing privileges.

How can I prevent my child from reaching unsuitable sites unintentionally or intentionally?
There are a number of internet filter software products which prevent inappropriate sites being visited or content being downloaded from the internet. Search for 'internet filter' on Google. Some maintain a log of the sites visited that have raised a red flag, so attempts to visit sites can be reviewed later. A number of products exist which provide an alternative browser specifically geared toward children. They feature access restriction to only pre-approved websites and allow parental modification of the acceptable site list. Some include a safe email system so your kids can safely email their friends, and again the list of acceptable contacts can be controlled by the parent.

Where can I find more information?
Try visiting Site1 and Site2 and Site3 for more links to software tools and information.

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