Drive Cleaner software solutions for home and work

Both at home and in the workplace, drive cleaner software is becoming more and more important. The internet has become the most freely available source of pornographic and otherwise inappropriate material, and both adults and children frequently take advantage of this by viewing and downloading files onto home computers and work computers. Computer drives can quickly fill with undesirable files.

It has therefore become necessary to clean computer drives on a regular basis, and there are a number of drive cleaner products that can scan for and remove pornographic material quickly, using analysis techniques that determine if media files such as pictures and movies contain nudity. Resulting files can be checked and deleted when the scanning process is complete.

Hyperdyne software are the developers of Snitch drive cleaner software, which is a prime example of what can be achieved by solid research and software development. Snitch is capable of detecting unwanted material on hard drives, and cleaning drives quickly and easily. A number of scanning methods allow unsuitable files to be detected in various ways, for example, proprietary SkinScan technology analyzes media files for obscene content, and keyword analysis checks for suspicious files by comparing filenames and file contents with a large list of keywords and phrases to identify bad files.




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