As a parent, you must be aware of many benefits to your child from the Internet. Access to the Internet can improve your child's reading skills by providing interesting materials to read, send e- mails to their friends, learn about other cultures, access libraries and reference materials for school or homework.

But did you know that there over 1,000,000 websites in cyberspace that pornography have pornographic content in one form or another? And more than 73% of children admit seeing adult material on the internet.

If your child has full access to the Internet, you have some reasons for concern. With unrestricted access, any child with a computer and a modem can access pornographic material in seconds, and once it's been seen, the pornography can never be entirely erased from the mind. We want to protect the innocence and pristine nature of childhood for as long as possible. Yet children need to know certain rules about the computer and their access to the Internet exist. They may be less likely to violate the rules if they are told the truth about why they are not allowed to see everything on the Internet.

New & dangerous trend on the internet these days. Luring children into pornographic sites by re-directing URLS & other deceptive means .

Children may click on sites these sites assuming them to be eg. homework sites and children would be easily convinced that these sites are meant for them.
Just as disturbing as pornography itself is the difficulty in protecting children from internet and chat room predators who have a sexual appetite geared towards unsuspecting children (and women) and can capture their attention via chat conversations.

And with "cyberstalkers" , "paedophiles" , and "cyber criminals" on the prowl in chat rooms, children and parents need to be even more cautious in cyberspace.Despite using every protection available, unless your children are aware of what to expect and how to behave when they encounter something unsavoury, your children are at risk. Making them prepared means teaching them the correct behaviour. This is much more important than... MORE

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